Palliative Care Research Network

About Us

The purpose of the Palliative Care Research Network (PCRN) is to develop a platform for sustainable research collaboration.

The PCRN is currently funded by the Department of Health and Human Services, Victoria, Australia. The Centre for Palliative Care (a Collaborative Centre of St Vincent’s Hospital and The University of Melbourne) is the administering organisation.

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Our Strategic Objectives

  1. To foster capacity building through mentorship of researchers and the provision of networking and collaborative initiatives.
  2. To provide development opportunities to researchers establishing a career via the identification and provision of research funding and training opportunities.
  3. To create linkages to the local, national and international context through research partnerships and effective communications and marketing.

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Tel:  + 61 3 9416 0000

Postal Address:
Palliative Care Research Network
St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne
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